I am Natural. Hear me Roar.

Naturally Kinkerbelle.

Naturally Me.

This blog is all about the celebration of the person that I am today.  It is an avenue for allowing my rants, raves, reviews, critiques, opinions and desires based on my likes and dislikes.  It is rejoicing in the essence of me.

To take from my Who is Kinkerbelle sectionSo what is the essence of me?

  • It’s accepting my Southern Roots, and embracing the etiquette classes that I took as a young lady.  My husband says it’s all useless as I’m the only one who follows the rules.  In my opinion, that’s part of our society’s problem!
  • It’s my natural, kinky hair.  Learning to love it has opened up a world of acceptance based on my own ideologies that didn’t exist before.  (To be explored in a post at some point for sure!)
  • It’s coming to grips with possessing the body of a mother.  I am so excited for all of the women who are able to give birth, lose all the weight through breastfeeding in two weeks, with a perfect tummy with all the elasticity still intact in the skin…I am not one of you!
  • It’s wrapping my mind around new ways of living which include healthier food choices and life style changes.
  • It’s preparing a way for my family to live this life as it was intended to be lived…not consuming more than is necessary and appreciating the “being” of all that exists.

All this to say, I’m a lot of crap (that’s not very proper is it?).  And I talk a lot.  And this is my outlet.


  1. Congrats Kinkerbelle! You are one of the first people I found on fotki when I decided to tranistion to natural. I appreciate all the responses you sent me and posts you made to help others out. I look forward to reading your blog:)

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