Twisting out the winter…

Over the past three years, I’ve had the typical love-hate relationship with protective styles for my natural hair.  I love what they have to offer, but I hate putting in the time to make them happen.  But I’ve recently stumbled upon an amazingly simple and healthy routine that keeps me natural to the fullest, makes my tresses super succulent and requires a couple of hours a week of invested time.

The result is a kick-ass twist out (click on each pic to enlarge).

This is seriously the first time I have *loved* my twist out.  Usually, I just roll with it because I took the time to do the twists and just try to get the most out of the by-product.  But now, I think I’m going to stick with this as my winter routine.

So, here’s the skinny:

1. Deep cleanse hair – more on this to come.  I’ve upped my bentonite clay deep cleansing game and I’m in love all over again.

2. Condition and detangle – I just used Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship.  Concentrate most of the conditioner on the ends of my hair and detangle with my denman.

3. Blot hair to remove drippies.

4. Twist with moisturizer on slightly damp hair.  I’ve been making my own moisturizer infused with all kinds of goodies and I don’t think I’ll ever go commercial again!!

5. Keep those ends moisturized nightly for each day the twists are in.  Every night I apply my moisturizer to my ends and each night I think I’m gonna be a greasy mess.  But I wake up every morning with the softest, touchable hair.

6. Sleep with a silk/satin scarf/pillowcase.  I end up skipping the scarf from time to time, so the pillowcase is a MUST for me.

I put these in on Friday night, and took them out Tuesday morning.  I am IN LOVE.



  1. I recently read that you use natural powders in your moisturizer to cut the greasy feeling that shea butter and coconut oil can create. Can you specific what powders you use, I could really use some help with this?

  2. I have a question…I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about Dominican products..What are your suggestions about using those as I transition?

    1. I haven’t personally used the domincan products much, but I’ve heard amazing reviews about Silicon Mix, Star Lacio and Alter Ego. I, personally, try to stay away from products that contain mineral oil, parabens, water insoluble cones and petrolatum. And at least one of those is listed in all of the above. Doesn’t mean they don’t work though. I’ll shoot you an e-mail. Maybe if we can chat about what you are trying to achieve – we can come up with some other options!

  3. Disregard Meke. I see that you put in 16 twists. I may try the coils. Haven’t done that in a while!!!! Since around my BC! OMG!

  4. Gonna try this tonight, Meke! I love twistouts! I have been negecting my babies this winter;-( Been sleeping on cotton pillowcases instead of my satin!!!!! LOL…Craziness……

  5. what are the “goodies” in your moisturizer (if you don’t mind spilling the beans ;))? I prefer a more natural approach to my hair products but I’m sort of overwhelmed by all the options out there. I like the idea of being able to experiment but it’s a blessing and a curse at the same time–I don’t know where to begin! Anyway if you could give me a few pointers on ingredients that have worked well for you that would be great!

    1. Right now, my moisturizer is a mix of shea butter, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, liquid protein – all whipped together. It has taken me quite a while to find the right mix of these to give me what I want, but it finally works. I also just started throwing in certain natural powders to make them “creamy” and not “greasy”. I usually twist with my cream, and then baby my ends every time I remember to.

  6. Thank you. 1 and 2 are great, even though I don’t think I’ve found that perfect moisturizer yet, they are helpful. #3 is a bit tricky to understand, I get it a bit, but not fully. I’ll keep trying though, I probably just need a bit more length.

    Yes, it makes sense, the blow drying definitely loosens the curl. Overall, I’m trying to achieve the fullness/length of the blow out twist, but the curl definition of a twist out done on damp hair, i’ll get it one day! lol thanks again

  7. Hi! this twist out is out of this world, but i have a question, my hair doesn’t seem like it will lay down like that, i usually have to blow it out first and then twist it, if i do it damp when i twist, it stills draws up, maybe my hair is more kinky? anything would help, thanks

    1. Through a little trial and error, I’d say there are three little tricks for me:

      1. I’ve gotten the best results when twisting on slightly damp hair. Think freshly washed, cleansed hair with no drippies and barely damp (plopped, squeezed out water, etc.). I’ve found this allows for better absorption of my moisturizer.

      2. And that is the second key. I get less shrinkage and my hair lays better when I twist with my moisturizer – and not a styling product or gel.

      3. And the last key to getting a good twist, is to kinda twirl/twist each section of hair with every turn as you twist along. I’ll have to see if I can find a youtube of what I’m talking about. But it’s what they do when installing senegalese twists. That little “twist within the twist” is what does the trick for me.

      Now, as far as blow drying I feel like my twist out is more wavy, than looking like an actual twist out. Does that make sense?

  8. Now I understand. Excuse me for not saying “cleanse” girl but you know what I meant. (Smile)
    Question (this is the last one)? How long would you wait if you were in my shoes to cut off the heat damaged ends? Believe or not, I can still style my hair in a twistout and actually get compliments(If only they knew girl). A twistout is the only style that I can get away with right now for my hair to look decent. Help your southern sista with some advice Kinkerbelle!!!! Do not tell me I have to cut it all off girl and start over girlfriend because you might as well fix up a room for me in your house because my husband will probably disagree!! (I’m just kidding) I wish I can upload a picture for you to see it when it is wet and when it is styled. Have a good day!!!

  9. So kinkerbelle, are you saying that EVERYTIME you clean your hair you use the bentonite clay or do you shampoo sometimes and use the clay at other times? Either way, your hair is nice but you already know that. Those powders are awesome I must say! Since I’m damaged all I am doing now is using ayurvedic powders and natural shampoos. I am a mess right now! Your twist are shiny and healthy. Happy growings!

    1. I use Bentonite Clay once a month…maybe every six weeks if I need to stretch. Every other time I “cleanse” I co-wash. If I feel like I need a little extra something between Clay cleansings, I use Kinky-Curly Come Clean. I haven’t tried any of the ayurvedic powders per se, but I do ascribe to some of the methods.

  10. Thanks for sharing! I am desperately looking for better ingredients to do my twist with. Do you care to share what you put in your homemade moisturizer. Thanks for your help. Your hair looks gorgeous.

    1. Thanks! 16 twists were put in:
      – 3 on each ‘side’ (one over each ear, and two above the one, on both sides)
      – 5 on each ‘back side’

      At night, I slather each twist in my homemade moisturizer, and I tie down with a silk scarf. I’m actually still rocking the same twist-out (will have to post some pics to see the progression).

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