Am I a Fool??

Ok, what was I thinking?  Why on this green earth did I declare to do a detox when the holiday season is just beginning.  This is the time for cocktails, cupcakes, fudge, pies, turducken (oh yes, I eat turducken.  And I LOVE it.  Herbert’s run out of Oklahoma but started in Louisiana is my favorite.  But I digress…), cocktails, eggnog, cocktails…you get my drift.

Funny.  As I write all the words that represent the indulgences of the season, all the things that normally appeal to the decadent side of my senses, I find my stomach actually turning a bit.  It’s all this excess that has put me in my current position.  And it’s the realization of this excess that appeals to the “greener” side of my soul.  When I think about all the ramifications of my immoderations, a sense of guilt creeps in.  I won’t go into a berating tirade about carnivores vs. vegetarians, luxuriousness vs. minimalism, etc.  That’s not what this particular post is for.  I will say, however, that the skulking guilt I’m feeling right now is moving from cell to cell and invading my being.  I’ve never been guilted by anyone into doing anything. And now, some how, I’ve guilted myself into shunning the intemperance of the season (By the way, you have to forgive me.  I’m currently studying for the PCAT and I like to throw in words from the verbal section whenever I can).

So, there you have it.  What started out as a scream of idiocy, has ended up being a raison d’être to proceed.  Oh blog, how I love thee as my outlet for reasoning with myself.


  1. Girl you are hilarious! Maybe I found this so funny because I too am trying to get my diet together. Why oh why did I decide to “get it together” during the holidays?

  2. Good Luck whenever you take the PCAT! I’m a 4th year pharmacy student ((Graduating April 2010 Woohoo!!!)). It’s been a long journey but it’s about to come to an end. I wish you the best on yours :o)

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