An eco-friendly Christmas if ever there was one…

Christmas stockings.  Check.

Mistletoe.  Check.

Glass Ornaments.  Check.

Garland galore.  Check.

Delivery slot selected for rental tree delivery.  Huh?

I came across this article during my morning perusal of the NYTimes.  My initial reaction to the idea behind “rent-a-tree” was Is this for real?  But after seeing countless trees lining the streets of New York almost like parked cars, and being proud of Bloomberg for creating MulchFest, I had to give it a real consideration.  This is actually quite awesome.

I have to admit that I fall into the commercialization of Christmas, just like the rest of you.  But how fantastic is this green option of using a live tree?  And the option to reserve the same tree each year is quite neat if you’ve got kiddies.  Watch the tree grow with your little ones is downright delightful!  Note also the beauty of the care of the trees (see the snippet below).

If only they would institute something like this in NY…

To rent a tree, a customer visits Mr. Martin’s Web site,, picks out a tree from among several varieties and then awaits delivery. Delivery days are determined by geography, to save time and gas. Prices range from $50, for a two-to-three-foot number, up to $185 for something bigger. While two weeks is the recommended length of stay for a live tree in a house, Mr. Martin lets his customers keep them for three.

The tree is then picked up to join its evergreen cousins; they will summer together on industrial properties where Mr. Martin rents space for pennies on the dollar to house his inventory. People who want the same tree next year ask for it to be tagged with their name, so it might return next December, taller.

Extra-credit points: The delivery trucks run on biodiesel; the trees are cared for by adults with disabilities; the drivers will pick up donations for Goodwill and used wrapping paper for recycling; and the Web site also sells eco-friendly, fair-trade ornaments.


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