Detoxing My Hair

As you know, late last month, I declared that I would be doing a full detox (foolish, foolish girl I am).  And I wanted to update you on where I am in the process (the details/update of the physical, internal detox will follow…I still need some time to stop being mad at myself before I can fully divulge the insanity revealing of a lighter, healthier me).

But as far as my hair goes, I can update you on that as I go.

First things first.  I started with a really good, deep cleansing.  And you know what that means.  BENTONITE CLAY!!!

But not just any old bentonite clay.  I upped the game.  I did a new version – for me at least – that included water, coconut oil, tea tree oil and lavendar.  Felt great.  The natural tingling of the bentonite clay was intesified due to the added tea tree oil.  As usual, my hair was super clean without feeling stripped, but with a little added shine from the coconut oil.  I proceeded to straighten, and then I did the only thing that a fully detoxing, totally dedicated to the cause girl should do.  I snipped, snipped.

I got rid of every inch of hair that did not sing the song of health.  I banished every split end, knot and frizzy fray.  And then I had my girl even it out.  Boy, I never realized how uneven my hair grew.  My left side grows leaps and bounds over my right.  Anyway, several inches later, my hair is luscious and fully healthy from root to shortened tip.  These days, I am in the business of healthy hair…length is a by-product.

Notice the beautiful shine (or is that sheen?).  There is no added serum or glossifier or any of that stuff.

Good stuff, huh?  Even if I do say so myself.  I really think my hair looks so shiny in these pics (and real life too) is because of the consistent use of my homemade goodness (I promise to post details on this, I really do…I just want it to be *right*, ya know?).  I literally have a clean slate on which to proceed.  I’m excited!

The next phase is a tea rinse – consisting of chamomile, lavender, nettle and sage…



  1. Wow your hair looks amazing and I love your blog- just stumbled upon it too,
    Ur hair journey has inspired me to step up my game even further. Btw I am APL/ SL and I’m worried my hair has reached a plateu, has anyone experienced this and if so is there away to keep growing after reaching APL?

  2. Hi Kink,

    Long time Fotki stalker here. The shine and health on these straightened photos is the business. I’ve never seen a relaxer that fly! I’ve always used my Maxiglide on low thinking the ceramic would cause heat damage. Now you’ve got me excited to break out my Chi. What products did you use when you straightened?

    1. Hi Hot Girl Extraordinaire (LOVE that name chica!),

      Thanks for popping in! My straight hair is done with a ceramic. I wash, condition and detangle my own hair. And then apply a little Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide (as my heat protectant) myself before putting my hair in braids to air dry a little before the blow out and subsequent flat iron. The Heat Glide is the ONLY product in my hair. That’s it!!

  3. Wow! Your hair looks great. Kudos on taking the healthy hair route. I’ve struggled for the past couple of years whether or not to add a chemical (relaxer or color, either would satisfy). I’m not seeing the health or retained growth I want so, a drastic change felt necessary before I snapped. Finally, I chose color 2 days ago. I think I did this so I would grow the kahonas to chop it all off and start again cause I’m not great with routine and i know I’m not going to want to do my roots each month.

    Anyway, can’t wait to hear how the detoxing is going. Have a great weekend!

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