The Evolution of a Regimen

I think the #1 question I get asked is, “What’s your regimen?”.  I can give you the details, but a simple list of steps is not so simple when it comes to healthy hair, make that healthy and natural hair.  Every single natural head of hair is different and no two heads react to the same products in the same way.  If that weren’t the case, we nats wouldn’t spend so much time searching for hair twins.  On top of all that, regimens can chance at the drop of a dime, depending on preference, goals, time, and a million and three other factors.

So, I thought I’d do some posts on my regimen(s), both current and in the past, and outline my thoughts at the time.  Pick and choose from it what you will that may be helpful for you!

Current Regimen (as of 2/26/10)

Right now, I just was every ten days or so, and bun it up.  It’s how I manage from day to day, living the crazy lifestyle I do.  It’s simple, and the only “real” time I put in is on wash day.

Current Products – Kinky Curly Come Clean for cleansing OR Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo – both are SLS free and ingredients are natural.  Co-Wash between real shampoos with VO5 Blackberry Sage Conditioner.  Coconut Oil for my ends.  And a little gel for my flyaways.

Contemplating – wigging it up.  Yes, y’all.  I’m really thinking about sporting a wig.  My hair is in a bun 99% of the time anyway.  If I can honestly find a wig that doesn’t make me look…well, I’ll just say I need to remain looking somewhat refined.  I’m on the hunt.  Feel free to leave suggestions!!!


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