My (Previous) Love Affair with EcoStyler Protein Gel = 5-day-hair!!

THIS IS MY ROUTINE 2 YEARS and 10 MONTHS AGO – FOR STYLING MY [NOT QUITE SO TEENY WEENY] AFRO!!!  See my posts Let’s Talk About Shrinkage and 7 Days and Still Counting to see the state of my hair today.

This is a previous routine, directly from my old fotki.  Note: at the time, I used Aveda Elixir underneath the gel.  I’m still pissy about Aveda discontinuing that stuff as there is no 1 to 1 substitute.  Sniff, sniff.

Okay, I get a lot of questions about my use of gel, so I thought I’d break out another folder to discuss.

My hair LOVES ecostyler gel. The protein in it is a very good thing for MY hair.

There are a couple of things I had to master though before I began this true love affair. The first time I used it, I HATED IT! I had super hard, crunchy, stiff hair…NOT what I was looking for…dang near like a brick. But I spoke to a lot of people with similar textures and they asked if I used it with a leave-in, I said no. When I first used it, I would apply it to freshly washed, detangled, slightly dripping hair. Result = the brick I previously discussed.

So, I decided to revisit, and added leave-in to the routine.

LOVE THE RESULTS! I use either Infusium 23 or (more recently Aveda Elixir) underneath. Right now, I am LOVING the results attained from using te Elixir underneath. Nice, pretty soft to the touch hair. I got 5-day good hair out of this combo (these are the pics I am posting here).

Every morning, I pretty much just fluffed and went. Not misting, not rinsing, no water added. The only additions were DevaCurl Set It Free on day 3 (sprayed into my hand, then rubbed all over) and SSF on Day 5 to give it a little pop and shine. This is going to be my routine of the moment (we’ll see how long THIS lasts!).

I like it because I am not spending an extra 15 – 30 minutes doing my hair. 30 secs max!


  1. As late as I am Kink, I bought my first tub of Ecostyler. I don’t wash and go as much as I used to….but honestly that is because I am still learning to accept and love my natural texture..twistouts are my thing. Anyway I plan to do a wash and go and try it and see what my hair thinks…I won’t forget the leave in- I am trying to avoid “the brick”. LOL!

  2. Let me introuduce to you an exciting all natural gel that will not leave your hair hair hard or crunchy!

    Yesterday, I tried Natures’ Natural “Twist and Grow Loc Gel” and I am very excited and pleased. The gel set in two hours and gave me a tight pattern to my hair. Overnight when I untwisted my hair, I got a very defined, shiny, twist out. Some of the strands of my hair are so defined it looks like the hair one purchases for weaving. My hair has never been that defined, even when I use Ms. Jessie’s. She states that the ingredients in her product is “designed to strengthen, repair and bring fullness to each strand of hair and stop frizzes.” I can attest to the fact that it really eliminates frizzes. I have very kinky, 4B hair and this gel worked a miracles on my hair. This is an amazing gel! It looks as if I went under a dryer, I did not! She also carries a Sheen Hold, which I plan to be trying in the very near future. She states that this special spray brings extra ordinary shine and hold to all hair textures.

    Another gel that Chatto carries is the twist and grow tightening gel, which I plan to also try in the near future. For wash & gos she offers “6-Plus Formula 1” to bring out the curl pattern in naturally curly and wavy hair. For tighter curls it brings moisture and manageability.

    All I can say about Nature’s Natural Hair products is look out Miss Jessie’s!

    Nature’s Natural:

    Thank you.

  3. Naturally Kinkerbelle…I noticed on these pics and the others on your blog that you have color on your ends. Did your routine include hair color or henna? If so, which one and what brand did you use?…Thanks in advance

    1. Oh boy…color. Well, I was previously coloring with Feria – it’s the only color that provided any sort of result for me. But over time, I feel like it sort of dried my hair out…which is why you now see roots for days. I’m no longer coloring. Color can be pretty drying to hair. But of all the ones I tried, Feria might be a little lesser of all the evils.

      I do keep saying that I am going to add Henna to my routine. The conditioning properties combined with the deposition of color would be nice…plus my grays are getting out of control!! I’ve been researching Henna for a while. I actually think I might go the route of Cassia, but of course, whatever I decide, I will definitely post about it!

  4. Man Kink – this post in your Fotki saved my life. I was co-washing every day because I couldn’t get 2nd day hair. When I started using the Eco I got 4th and 5th day hair!!! I used the Long Aid Activator Gel & Shea butter to seal underneath (my hair loves Glycerin) and it worked beautifully. My hair also grew hella fast since I wasn’t manipulating it every day. LOL, I was buying 2-3 tubs at a time so I’d never be without. I do agree that now that my hair is longer, I do my hair less and less. LOL I do a lot of twist outs and buns now. It’s funny how we want all this hair and then once it comes, it’s hard to take the extra time to do it.

    1. It’s not that I don’t love it anymore, it’s just that my hair is so much longer, and thicker, and “curl definition” simply isn’t my priority. I live in twists and twist-outs. I don’t know the last time that I actually styled my hair for the purposed of bringing out the curls.

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