The TWA Regimen

Wow.  Thinking back to 3 1/2 years ago and the ease of styling almost makes me want to BC.  But then again, I think back to the never-ending quest for the perfect regimen, and product sampling, and feeling the need to buy everything that everyone else was touting…and I have no desire to go back to that place.

When I had my latest TWA, I think I was a little bit better than I was the first time (or two) around.  And I’ll post what worked for me.  I always bought by the Liter.  Available here for $20.99, but free shipping if you have a prime account, and here for $17 + shipping.

Co-washing: my best friend.  Hopping in the shower, running some water over my ‘fro and lathering on the conditioner was fantastic.  Conditioner of choice: Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner.  Available for me only online.  Below are pics of my dry hair that has been co-washed, but without products.  Gives you a sense of what my texture looked like then.

Conditioning: the best conditioner, hand’s down, for me at that time was just straight up, plain old coconut milk.  I would co-wash, pour on the coconut milk, and go product free (aka naked hair).  Would have soft, plump curls all day.  There was definitely a slight frizz factor, but I embraced it at the time.  Below, the first pic is my hair saturated with coconut milk.  The second is naked hair, with the milk completely rinsed out.  Notice how much more the curls pop after the coconut milk (vs. naked hair that has only been co-washed above!).

Curl Definition: Here is where I can save a lot of you a lot of time and money.  For a TWA, there are two go-to products for on and poppin’ curls.  EcoStyler protein gel and Kinky Curly Curling Custard.  To be quite honest, this pretty much holds true to this day (perhaps with a little tweaking, but still the go-to products – although, I just rarely go there anymore).


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