Does ‘Hair Rules’ really rule?

Okay, so my girl TLW over at TheTiffanyLea (which you must check out pronto if you haven’t already…she gives snippets of interesting goodness on all of the ordinary oddities in the world…in a refreshing, objective, tell it like it is, no-holds-barred yet very lady like manner.  Loves this chick.) recently posted about Anthony Dickey’s Hair Rules.  She’s been using the products, and I have to admit, I really like them on her.

I remember first coming across his products last year and thinking I should give them a try.  But then I fell into my K.I.S.S. routine with the homemade moisturizer and twisting and coconut oil, that I completely forgot there was a new product to sample!  Well, thank you TLW for awakening the product junkie in me.  It’s summer time, and on the back of my last session of defining, I am going to have to put Hair Rules in cue to try.

But I want to hear from you guys…has anyone else tried his goodies?  What’s your take?  Will this be any good for a thick-haired, coarse, kinky-curly-wavy chick like me???  I gotta admit…looks enticing.


  1. Kinkerbelle, one thing to keep in mind. You have to get the right product for your texture, his line has a few types depending on your hair type. Now that I have the right products I’m in love (and you know how I fall out of love with the natural thing). He also keeps me inspired. Every excuse I give for not being natural he gives a solution. ie I can’t go out with wet hair. his response..come to the salon before you go to work and sit under the hair dryer. You don’t get that response every day 🙂

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