Finally Defined…

Okay…y’all know that for the most part, defining my curls is not on my list of top priorities at the moment.  But I have gotten a few e-mails about what it looks like at this length, and so I [finally] broke down and did the deed.

I used all the products mentioned here and came out with pretty decent results.  I went light on the Eco and heavy on the leave-in conditioner.  For me, the mix of protein and moisturizing conditioner is just heavy.  The leave-in makes my curls pop and the Eco seals my strands and gives me just a little bit of hold.  My strands feel healthier overall.  Hair is “light” to the touch and pretty bouncy.  I can tell that I am going to love it even more as the days go on.

To preserve the style, I take a little bit of coconut oil (about the size of a quarter) and smooth it over sections of my hair (probably about four sections) and then put my hair in a pineapple, and tie it “up” with a scarf.  I should be able to get 4-5+ day  hair out of this.  Each morning, just fluff and go.  I think the coconut oil makes a difference for me.

Now, as far as my curls are concerned overall, to be honest, I don’t really see a difference between now and a year ago.  Just a little “more of the same” in my eyes.  Hair still shrinks to my shoulders – well, actually, I take that back.  Looking at these picks, my shrinkage with defined hair is almost to my collarbone – just a bit past my shoulders.  But anyway, the curls look the same.  I still have the same thick, kinky curls all over, with the exception of my crown.  The crown has always been more wave than curl.  As my hair has gotten longer, and therefore heavier, that top wave is dropping even more.  The wavelength is “lengthening” so to speak.  If you look at my side profile in the pics, the flat, shiny pieces are coming from my crown.

I lifted the hair in my crown to show just how textured my hair is underneath.  And you can see that my tightest curls are still in the nape/back area.

So, there you have it.  Defined hair.  It’s summer time.  So who knows.  If I can get really good 5-day hair going again, maybe I’ll put it back in the rotation.  You know me…I’m all about low maintenance these days!

Kink Out.



  1. your results look GREAT!! can you please explain how you use the SSF in your define your curls routine? Did you use the leave in, spray the ssf, then add the eco?

    1. I did air dry. I’m not a big fan of the blow dryer. But I’ve found that once I start putting the product in, the water is “sealed in” as well…less drippies. But the time my whole head is “styled” my drippies are gone. Now, it still takes a day and a half + for my whole head to dry, but that’s another issue!

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