Not quite Alicia, but I’m satisfied…

Soooo, I bit the bullet last night.  I actually did what I said I was going to do…and that is a head full of cornrows.  At first, she start doing a pattern closer to the pics of Alicia that I posted yesterday,  BUT, I did NOT like it AT ALL.  I feel like the swirly pattern made my head look…bigger.  Bigger than it already is.  So I asked her, in the most gracious way that I could, if she would start over and go back in a more straight forward (ha!) pattern.  And so, we came to what you see below.

Here’s the kicker.  It only took 2 hours.  That’s right.  1.  2.  That’s it.  I am in love for sure.  Once a month, I will be going back to get my hair re-done.  I will be living in cornrows for the most part until the end of the year.  You just can’t beat the ease!!!

My Braider, Kady – on 5th Ave between 125th and 126th – was EXCELLENT.  The braids are taut, but not overly tight.  She was very gentle on my hairline, and I don’t feel any tension there whatsoever.  The little bit of tension that I do feel is more in my crown/top area, which is fine.

I plan to wear a scarf every evening, to minimize the frizz.  We’ll see how that goes.  Then, in the morning, apply coconut oil to my ends every day, and the braids every other day or as needed.  Add a little SSF for moisture as needed as well, and viola!  That’s it.

I’m psyched!


  1. You go Kink! They are so cute!!! I am still too chicken to trust someone with my hair but it is great stories like yours that tempt me to try it!

  2. This is lovely. It fits your features so well… Glad to see you doing so well with your blog! Take care…:-)

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