Smoke and Mirrors from The Body Shop???

More on this later.  I’m taking the PCAT this Saturday and don’t have the time to fully do any sort of analysis any justice, but I at least wanted to highlight a comment on the subject, so that people can at least start to wonder/research on their own.  The Marxist in me is unhappy.


Posted by jenna on June 15, 2010 at 6:43 pm edit

Hmmmm, I am going to have to do some major research. This is disheartening. I’ll have to highlight this in a post so that others can see.

I understand the capitalistic world we live in is full of exploitation. But I’m not so understanding when it comes to companies using a cloak of “green practices” and assistance to the underserved as a simple marketing ploy.

Not cool. Folks, take note of the above link. I’ll be back with more thoughts (after I take the PCAT on the 19th and can dedicate something more than a flow of consciousness).

Thanks Jenna!



  1. TWIN! how are you?…Im so loving the blog chica!…..omg your huuur is so fab as always…oh and baby nbr 2 I hear…yaaaay!…a boy?

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