End of Box Braids Round 1

Hair looks good, but it is dry and straw-y!

Hair looks good, but it is dry and straw-y!

7/12 – 7/27.

That’s how long this set of box braids lasted.  I didn’t make it to 3 weeks, but I am pleased with 15 days.  I took out my braids and my hair was an absolute bird’s nest.  I had gone swimming the day before the removal and made a MAJOR mistake.  I should have applied conditioner prior to getting into the pool and immediate rinsed and conditioned again following the swim.  My hair felt like hay and was super frizzy, hence the early take down.  Lesson learned…

Hair is big, but it worked for brunch.

Hair is big, but it worked for brunch.

At least it looked good right?  I had someone asked me how much I paid for my hair because he wanted to pick some up (Yes…’he’.  Because Atlanta is oh-so-fabulous and I love it!).  But that was part of my problem…one which exists for many in the natural hair community.  Hair that looks good but doesn’t feel good is the beginning of the end.  It’s a backwards endeavor.  When that is the case, this is when we end up in some stylists chair, upset with them because they take off 4 inches when you go in for a trim.  If we strive to make sure that our hair always feels good, looking good would require much less effort.

Hair pinned back and up...protects ends and minimizes frizz!

Hair pinned back and up…protects ends and minimizes frizz!

So I am embarking on a major week of conditioning.  I should probably do a protein treatment as well.  To be honest, I am not quite sure what combination of hair goods I will use, but I will let you know in an update.  There are so many new products on the market, does anyone have anything that they absolutely can’t do without?  Drop me a line, and I might be able to throw it in the mix!!




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