Who is Kinkerbelle?

Hi y’all (yes, I am a Southerner at heart).

I’m just a Mom, Wife, and 2015 PharmD Candidate who loves the essence of me.

So what is the essence of me?

  • It’s accepting my Southern Roots, and embracing the etiquette classes that I took as a young lady.  My husband says it’s all useless as I’m the only one who follows the rules.  In my opinion, that’s part of our society’s problem!
  • It’s my natural, kinky hair.  Learning to love it has opened up a world of acceptance based on my own ideologies that didn’t exist before.  (To be explored in a post at some point for sure!)
  • It’s coming to grips with possessing the body of a mother.  I am so excited for all of the women who are able to give birth, lose all the weight through breastfeeding in two weeks, with a perfect tummy with all the elasticity still intact in the skin…I am not one of you!
  • It’s wrapping my mind around new ways of living which include healthier food choices and life style changes.
  • It’s preparing a way for my family to live this life as it was intended to be lived…not consuming more than is necessary and appreciating the “being” of all that exists.

All this to say, I’m a lot of crap (that’s not very proper is it?).  And I talk a lot.  And this is my outlet.



  1. Hello, I followed you on fotki since 2008. I just went back to fotki to see if anyone still uses it, LOL. Hope all is well with your family and school etc….

  2. Hey Kink!
    I could not find a direct message link to write this to you so I’m crossing my fingers hoping you see this!! I love your hair!! You were one of the first fotki members I added to my friends list when I first went natural. And I have always admired your hair and the techniques you use to care for it.
    Long story short, I want to feature you on my blog! If your interested please email me @ naturallyobsessed@yahoo.com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! I was referrred to your blogs by your cousins, Adrienne & Candice Berry as I have just started my “going natural” process…I’m very anxious–yet nervous–on how I’m going to look w/ natural hair.. My plan is to keep in prtoective styles–starting w/ micros then moving to cornrows and sew ins…If you have any suggestions, please let me know…

  4. Hi,
    I came over from LHCF to check out your blog; I love it. Your hair looks amazing.
    I so agree with you on the natural does not equal healthy hair. I still struggle with the care of my ends and edges.

  5. Hey! I love your blog! Where do you go to get your hair trimmed. I saw your fotki account and see that you had a few “trims” it left your hair with a beautiful shape as you continued to grow it out. Right now I have a helmet shape to my hair and wanted to know where I can get it shaped up in New York.

    1. Thanks Dyani! I only trust one person with my hair. Everytime I’ve ever attempted to deviate, I’ve paid for it. Lee Leslie is great. She’s all about healthy hair care AND she’s a phenomenal stylist and colorist to boot! I’ll shoot you her details.

  6. Hey Kink! I am absolutely loving your blog! It is a delicious read and a wonderful escape into my friend 🙂 Do keep it coming love.

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