Natural Hair

I have been natural this go-round since 2006 (though my first big chop (BC) was in 2002 with a subsequent texturized.

I do not really believe in hair-typing as I feel like it compartmentalizes a head of hair which I feel encompasses so much more than can be expressed through that system.  And I’ll save my personal feelings about the subjective nature of “hair-typing” for another day.  My hair is wiry, coarse and thick.  It has sheen, but no shine.  It is wavy, curly and kinky, but a small area or two of coils.

As of July 2014, I am hovering between MBL and WL.  There was a point last year where I was approaching hip length, but a scissor happy stylist put be all the way back to BSL.  And so, I am growing it out from there.  My current goal is to simply have healthy hair with healthy ends.  My regimen is ever-changing, but I will be sure to update here if anything becomes constant.


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