The Devil is in the Details

So (just that quick), I got quite a few e-mails about detoxing.  From, “what are you planning to do” to “Don’t dare do the lemonade diet [master cleanse]” so I felt the need to spell out some of the details a little sooner than planned.

First of all, I am in no way, shape or form planning any sort of liquid diet, master cleanse, water only death march detox.  I am looking to eliminate allergenic foods.  Stop ingesting mucus forming foods.  Support my liver and flush out my colon and kidneys.  My goal isn’t weight loss, but rather rejuvenation.  If done right, weight loss is simply a side effect.  My focus is on eliminating processed foods, eating organic whenever possible and cutting out the bad white stuff.  Saying bye-bye to sugar, gluten, dairy and yeast.  But rather than focusing on what I can’t do, let’s highlight all the things I will be doing.  Getting cozy with probiotics, green leafies, and fiber rich foods.  Making water my best friend.  Saying good morning with lemon water and yoga.  Dancing with the ‘alternatives’ (soy, rice and almond options are abound for lots of dairy items).  Relaxing in the sauna a few times a week.  Taking longer walks with my dog with baby on my back (I’m a baby wearer and I love it).  Getting cozy with Bentonite Clay all over again (on my hair and face to further draw out the toxins).

I could go on and on.  But I won’t.  I just wanted to expound on the nature of a detox…done right.  You don’t need to starve yourself.  If anything, it’s the perfect opportunity to begin loving yourself.


7 days and still counting…

Last week, I raved about my new winter regimen.  Well, I’m back this week to show how the same twist out is still alive and kickin’.  I love, Love, LOVE (can you hear me getting louder with each love?) my new regimen.  My hair is thanking me for the extra TLC, and repaying me by showing its radiance.  I’m still getting compliments on the style, even as the frizzies have crept in.

I DID re-twist my hair one night (this past Thursday I believe), which took all of about 10 minutes, and re-upped the twists and ends with my homemade cream.  I’ve been a little hit or miss with the scarf, but I still have my trusty satin pillowcase no matter what.  I do believe that a scarf every night would lessen the frizz.  But I think it’s manageable overall.

On another note, I am dealing with a bit of self-conflict.  The natural, holistic, “take me as I am” me is battling with the Southern, conservative, “a wife should try her best to look presentably flawless” self.  Okay, wait.  I did away with the latter, societal way of thinking a long time ago.  I don’t really believe that one should be made up to the nines every time one steps outside.  But there is something to be said about looking effortlessly flawless.  I used to be able to do it.  In a previous life, I could get up, go about my morning grooming routine, tussle the tresses, have my “beauty regimen” consist of slapping on some face lotion and roll out without a second glance.

What happened to that ease of existence?  Now, everything about my morning grooming routine is twice as long.  My shower has an added step of exfoliation.  The facial routine…oh, let’s not even go there.  My permanent bags have parked and taken up residence and no amount of concealer, eye cream or tea extract can hasten their departure.

Has time simply taken its toll?  Did I cross the threshold of 30 and leave behind the effortless splendor of 20?  I’ve come to the realization that I need a detox.  A detox that will cleanse me physically, spiritually, mentally and follicularly (because the hair is always the centerpiece…and is that even a word?).  But where do I start exactly?

Clearly, this *update* post has turned into pure stream of consciousness.

When I think of detox, I envision a complete diet and lifestyle overhaul.  I need it.  I really do.  I’ve gotten a little too cozy with Little Debbie’s Honey Buns and Loma Lindy’s Pecan Twirls, and I’m toting a tire to show for it.  I can blame it on the baby and pregnancy and “taking my time to lose the baby weight”.  But let’s be real.  It’s not her fault.  I need to own up to my actions.

So, I need to do it.  I need to get a backbone, find my willpower, use the gym membership (did I ever tell you I was a gym owner’s dream client?  Pay my dues faithfully yet step foot into the gym once a quarter – maybe?), back off the scale, and drop some of the lard that is my excuse for calling myself “fatty-fat-fat” when I look in the mirror.

I’m off to research, and will report back with the methods of my plan of action…and welcome your comments once I do!!