Gluten Free

Day 1


Sooooo, I have been rocking a wash-n-go turned twist out for exactly seven days.  I have a meeting tomorrow, so something needs to be done.  But for the past week, I have absolutely loved the fluff!  I came about my new routine after getting upset for the umpteenth time about my hair taking several days to dry from a WNG.  So, at the end of day 1, I just do large twists (about 12 or so).  It is a great way to expose my roots.  For my nighttime routine, I just throw on a bonnet.  I do not do the pineapple.  For me, putting in and taking out the pineapple causes more frizz than just a bonnet.  In the morning, I just remove the bonnet, fluff, and go.


Breakfast: 2 chicken roll-ups (deli-slice rotisserie chicken with colby jack slice)
Snack: 1/4 avocado with salt and pepper
Lunch: Canned tuna, drained with a squeeze of lemon juice and celery seed
Dinner: Roasted pork tenderloin, sauteed spinach (in grass-fed butter with red onion), roasted butternut squash (with cinnamon, cumin and ground ginger), small glass of Rhiannon red blend wine
Snack: Handful of almonds
Water intake (over the course of the day): 2 liters

Today was a light day.  My total calorie intake was around 1100 calories.  But I wasn’t hungry.  Eating nutrient dense foods goes a long way to keeping you full.  Here is the breakdown on nutrients:
– 29% Protein, 71.9g
– 55% Fat 60.9g
– 16% Carbs 38.6g minus 12.9g of fiber) = 25.7g net carbs

NOTE: This is an extremely low carb plan and is not for everyone.  I do not suggest you jump into this unless you are ready/prepared to go through carb withdrawal.  It took me several attempts to really get into this way of eating before finally sticking with it.  Right around day 3, I would get keto-flu, which is no joke: migraine, nausea, shaky, hypoglycemic symptoms.  Honestly speaking, it straight sucked.  But once you get through that – around day 4 or 5 – you wake up feeling energized.  And every time I go off the range, I have to go back through leto-flu (to a slightly lesser degree).  So, I stay pretty focused.

If you are new to this way of eating (WOE) or considering a new start, I would slowly reduce the carb intake every few days until you get to the level you want.

I start working out tomorrow…stay tuned!


Because Nutrition Should be Daring, not Dull

2 things might be leading me to fall in love with Stephanie Eusebi:

  1. She has quite a few gluten-free, paleo friendly recipes that might allow me to spice up my ketogenic lifestyle.
  2. She says AMAZEBALLS.  Only awesome people say amaze balls.

I have not gotten the chance to speak with her personally, but she is a certified nutritionist, with a published food journal.  The thing that stands out (for me at least) is that she is also willing to publish recipes for the general public.  You do not see that often.  This might be my new favorite nutrition blog.  Her recipes cover some pretty yummy sounding delectables, including Coffee Cheesecake and Homemade Gatorade (word?!?!).

This is the kind of thing that is made for me.  While I am fully dedicated (for maybe the first time in my life!) to eating keto, my creative juices have not begun to flow yet.  Variety has not been the name of the game for me and I need to introduce it pronto before I get bored, which will surely lead to temptation!  The other issue I currently have is getting in the amount of fat that I need.  It’s hard taking in a ton of (good!) fat without sipping on a cup of coconut oil.  And, while I love bacon, I’m not trying to eat 50 pieces on a daily basis.  But I am digressing…

I really just wanted to express my thanks to Stephanie for starting such an awesome blog for some little old common keto folks like me.  If you ever come up with some fat bomb recipes, I will gladly be a guinea pig!