Getting Back to Protective Styles

Soooo, I’m really contemplating getting some box braids.  Not because it’s the latest trend (especially since most of us long term naturals have been there & done that and are on round 2 of the “trends”), but because I really need to get back to protective styling.  My hair grew and retained the most length when I was dedicated to protecting my ends.  I was past waist length at the end of 2013, an over-the-hill trip to waist length, and I had a stylist beg me to even out my hair, even though I said, “Don’t even out my hair, I don’t care about that.”  Nevertheless, I punked out (to put it nicely) and now I’m hovering between MBL and WL.  Remember, always trust your gut and stick to your guns, especially when it comes to natural hair.

At the moment, I am rocking a 4-day-old twist out, and I’ve been sleeping with a bonnet at night so my ends don’t lose moisture.  But I need something else.  Something different.  Anybody have any suggestions before I go and haggle on pricing for some braids?  I am completely open-minded…sometimes :-/

Shrinkage will always be realCurly on my right.Curly on my left.Length